Weekly Poem: Oz Poetic Society

My poem “Sounds of Summer” has been elected this week for the Weekly Poem on the Oz Poetic Society site. This is the third poem (also “Jacaranda” and “Lorikeets“) that has been posted there and I’m thrilled.  “Jacaranda” was also placed on the 2012 Roll of Honour. Thank you Oz Poetic Society!

Sounds of Summer

Animated crickets sing away silence;
kookaburras laugh at the day.
Lorikeets whip round in wondrous brilliance
screeching, announcing dusk.
A cool breeze rustles through full-leaved bushes
while wind chimes clang tinny tunes.
Workers hurry home booming and hooning
like an orchestra producing a cacophony.
The storm bird is out coo-eeing again –
geez I wish it would rain.
Hungry mosquitos buzz about
intent on causing pain.
Steaks stop sizzling – just in time.
Dinner on the table.

Copyright © December 2012 Norma Martiri

Form: Free Verse