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I searched for rainbows, pots of gold,
So eager to see life unfold.
I trusted devils in disguise,
Fresh and naive, believed the lies.
Was romanced by a charming prince,
Been Cinderella ever since.
I watched bold arrogance succeed,
Politely smiled, felt my heart bleed.
I slew the dragon, thought it dead,
But it still rears its ugly head.
A hero’s path I sought to tread,
Found disillusionment instead.

Copyright © 2012 Norma Martiri

Form: Couplet

“Disappointment is a sort of bankruptcy — the bankruptcy of a soul that expends too much in hope and expectation.”

— Eric Hoffer “The Passionate State of Mind”



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like a silent serpent
unwary hosts.

Lost in a vortex,
he will revisit
yesterday’s storms;
tomorrow’s hopes.
he will muster
enough courage to

Copyright © 2011 Norma Martiri

Form: Free Verse


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A sunset orb quits and descends
A sullen night appears.
Pull down the blinds and lock your doors
Protect your rabid fears.

Uncertainty engulfs the world,
and it’s reduced to tears.
As dark as once upon a time
prevails throughout the years.

Copyright © September 2011 Norma Martiri

Form: Quatrain

Sometimes the world make me sad 😦

Cambodian Flower

Flickr Image by khoaphongdieu

Falling petals brush her face,
Fantasies fill time and space.
Mae’s soft kisses touch her cheeks,
A kind whisper softly speaks.
Desperation tugs and bays,
Darkness fills the longest days.
Sweaty faces, frenzied hands,
Sunny beaches, waves and sands.
Dirty kisses lick her neck,
Torture keeps rebels in check.
Favourite ball games played with friends,
Heavy breathing, soon it ends.
Lotuses float overhead,
How she wishes she were dead.

Copyright © 2011 Norma Martiri

Form: Couplet

(Mae = mother in Khmer)

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