The Day


This poem was written for dVerse Poets Pub. We were asked to write a poem in a different language so I chose Italian because it is my heritage and I love the language. I wrote a short love poem because it happens to be our 34th wedding anniversary today. To me the poem sounds very romantic in Italian and corny in English. Funny how it can sound so different.

La giornata è stata piena di promesse.
I ricordi in corso,
nuove avventure in programma.
La luna splendeva.

Tu mi hai amato
come nessun altro –
ancora la luna splende.


The day was full of promises.
Memories were made,
new adventures planned.
The moon shone.

You have loved me
like no other –
still the moon shines.

Copyright © 20th January 2013 Norma Martiri


If I Could

Flickr Image by sardonyx_gem

If I could pick a star for you, I’d lay it in your lap,
And it would be the brightest star I’d give you to unwrap.

If I could catch the moon tonight, lasso it with a rope,
I’d pull it down so carefully; a radiating hope.

If I could sail across the seas, I’d sail one every day,
To capture valiant promises, my heart would lead the way.

If I could shatter obstacles, above the crowd I’d rise,
And there you’d be, my destiny, it’s you I’d recognise.

Copyright © November 2011 Norma Martiri

Form: Couplet

Young Love

Photo by Walter J. Wojtanik

The lake as serene as her heart
reflects her quiet joy.
The gentle breeze caresses her dreams
as she breathes in his heady scent.
Tomorrow’s hopes quietly
ripple towards them.
The future belongs to lovers.

Copyright © September 2011 Norma Martiri

Written for Poetic Bloomings – Wishful, Young Dreamers, Prompt #20

The Wedding

Beautiful, white, satin and lace,
A delicate veil graces her face.
The train glides downs the long church aisle,
It’s very elegant, the latest style.
Tiny buttons run down the back,
White silk shoes, all is intact.
Something borrowed, something blue,
Brings good luck to all that’s new.

Her heart spills over with emotion,
He’s captured by her graceful motion.
Her heart beats gladly as it skips,
He lifts her veil to kiss warm lips.
She’s enchanted, he’s entranced,
Her dream’s achieved, his love’s enhanced.
They’ll recall this moment sublime –
a moment that won’t be altered by time.

Copyright © 2011 Norma Martiri

When We Grow Old

Photo source unknown

When we grow old, you and I
We’ll hold each others hand.
And we’ll still love, you and I
As once in our dreamland.

The trees will bow as we pass
And flowers softly sigh.
And birds will gaily sing our song
The sun will smile up high.

Tranquil in our winter years
Life recalled with a smile.
Hand in hand and both content
That all had been worthwhile.

Copyright © 2011 Norma Martiri

Form: Quatrain