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Broken pieces,
damaged parts,
family matters,
poisoned hearts.
Daily doses
of reproach,
kindled bane
will encroach.

toxic genes,
stop the cycle
any means.

Gather courage,
choose your path,
find the truth,
foster love.

Copyright © June 2012 Norma Martiri

Note: ‘path’ and ‘love’ are near rhymes in Australian English.


From the Inside

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From the inside she noticed
a huddle of small boys
hoping to receive some scraps.
“The poor surely deserve more”,
she remarked over a delectable dinner.

Copyright © 2011 Norma Martiri

Form: Free Verse

Cambodian Flower

Flickr Image by khoaphongdieu

Falling petals brush her face,
Fantasies fill time and space.
Mae’s soft kisses touch her cheeks,
A kind whisper softly speaks.
Desperation tugs and bays,
Darkness fills the longest days.
Sweaty faces, frenzied hands,
Sunny beaches, waves and sands.
Dirty kisses lick her neck,
Torture keeps rebels in check.
Favourite ball games played with friends,
Heavy breathing, soon it ends.
Lotuses float overhead,
How she wishes she were dead.

Copyright © 2011 Norma Martiri

Form: Couplet

(Mae = mother in Khmer)

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