White Whispers

Summer Night by Albert Bloch 1913

of white whispers
swirl about.
Listen to the night
as waves of pure light
bathe the shadows of the day.
She calls my name,
tempts me
with lazy days
and eternal warmth.
Look at her grace
as she roams about
in glorious garb,
extending her hand.
Reaching out.
Reaching out,
to a world lost in its mire.

Copyright © 28/09/12 Norma Martiri

Form: Abstract

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This poem was inspired by the painting above, “Summer Nights” by Albert Bloch 1913
I’m not sure what this painting represents but this is what I saw.
I was too late to add it to a prompt I found as it had expired, but I wrote it anyway.

The Perfect Poet Award – Week 74

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