I live in sunny Queensland, Brisbane, Australia where winters are beautiful but summers can be somewhat unbearable. I have been writing for a while now and my blog has helped me to grow and develop my writing. Poetry is everywhere and I write to capture snippets of life as I see it as well as memories. I love nature and the simple things in life and this is often reflected in my poetry. I’ve always been a dreamer and writing allows me to dream. Afterall, where would we be without our dreams.

Norma Martiri

All poems on this site are © copyrighted and written by me unless otherwise stated. You may not use my poems without my permission.

Contact me:  nrmartiri@gmail.com

Please note:  As much as I appreciate being nominated for a Blog Award, please do not nominate me. I barely have time to keep up with my own blog let alone award requirements.


42 thoughts on “About

  1. Yes, a lovely blog! You have a good eye for color and design, as well as expression. I’m enjoying your visits to Poetic Bloomings VERY MUCH.

    And thank you for your kind words regarding the loss of my cousin (at Across the Lake, Eerily). So sweet of you!

    Marie Elena

  2. Thanks for signing up for my blog. It has been a pleasure seeing your very complimentary comments on there. I have been browsing your blog and it’s quite creative. i hope to catch up on other posts soon.

  3. This is my first visit here but I have been reading your comments around WordPress and I rather like your approach, and so here I am..!!
    i loved reading through your site.
    i am following it..!!

    by the way, i’m shiny, a new blogger and i love penning down my feelings and thoughts, if u can just comment on my posts,,so as to make the future posts better..
    ..and i just love reading any poetry & literature..

  4. Hi Norma,

    I just tried leaving a comment on “aid to” but it keps tellin me “page not found”.

    Anyway, just to let you know I am now following the Erasure site, so thank you for the introduction to it.

    Christine 🙂

  5. Hi Norma

    I just posted my last post for the long weekend so that I can spend sometime with your own!

    Looking forward Reading everything you have posted!!!


  6. Hi Norma,

    Im looking for a translator! Someone has left me a comment on my poetry blog in Italian! I think it may be someone who follows you. Anyway, I wonder if you would be willing to translate it for me. Its from ventisqueras and it says

    ventisqueras commented on The Journey Begins…

    le tue parole mi hanno molto commossa, la Poesia da voce all’anima, profuma col candore del giglio e con la mitezza delle viole
    che ti sia sempre vicina accompagnandoti di dolcezza e amore nel tuo viaggio
    un grande abbraccio

    I hope you dont mind my asking you but I dont know anyone else who would be able to do it. Many thanks

    Christine xx

    • Hi Christine,
      I’m not fluent but I think this is the translation.

      Your words really touched me. Your poems are from the soul, scented with the candor of lillies and the meekness of violets. May you always be near the company of sweetness and love on your journey. A huge hug.

      Beautiful words for a beautiful lady.


  7. My goodness, what a lovely comment. Very humbling.

    It’s strange how these things happen sometimes just when we are in need of a little help. I was just saying to another blogging friend how her words had brightened a very “down” day for me. And here are some more. Now I need to allow myself this “off” time without becoming cross with myself. It will pass 🙂

    Thanks very much for the translation

  8. Hello Norma! You have very beautiful and interesting blog! I enjoy reading your blog! It is really interesting to me! The best regards! 😉

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