They Are Great

Erasure Poetry

However small,
at first we reflect
with wonder
and astonishment.
We imagine
that each is
made up different.
They are great, good
and capable of feeling
pleasure and pain.
Every person ought to
avoid every kind of cruelty
to any creature –
great or small.

Copyright © January 2013 Norma Martiri

Created from The History of Insects by Unknown

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9 responses to “They Are Great

  1. oh gosh…those pictures…and the thought…it makes me wonder where we draw that line you know…and once we start how far we will go over it…..yes we should avoid every kind of cruelty….ack

    • Thanks Brian. Yes it’s breaks my heart to see these beautiful creatures, our loyal friends, treated this way. These particular dogs were for food but I was reading the other day that the sales of fur is up worldwide too. I just don’t understand it 😦

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