The Day


This poem was written for dVerse Poets Pub. We were asked to write a poem in a different language so I chose Italian because it is my heritage and I love the language. I wrote a short love poem because it happens to be our 34th wedding anniversary today. To me the poem sounds very romantic in Italian and corny in English. Funny how it can sound so different.

La giornata è stata piena di promesse.
I ricordi in corso,
nuove avventure in programma.
La luna splendeva.

Tu mi hai amato
come nessun altro –
ancora la luna splende.


The day was full of promises.
Memories were made,
new adventures planned.
The moon shone.

You have loved me
like no other –
still the moon shines.

Copyright © 20th January 2013 Norma Martiri


48 responses to “The Day

  1. Congratulations on your anniversary ! Outstanding !

    Also outstanding is the poem…I don’t know a second language so this is impressive to read.
    Peace and love

  2. Beautiful in both languages. Not corny in English at all. It’s tender, personal and sweet. Never anything corny about that. Congrats on your anniversary. But the Italian does have that extra special kick that just takes the reader aback at how beautiful words can truly be. Thanks so much for sharing with us tonight.

  3. Norma,

    This was simply beautiful and sweet. Congratulations on the 34th wedding anniversary! Such a milestone and another 34+ to come 🙂 I really enjoyed this lovely piece. That being said… you are one of the few people I have seen who are native English speakers (if I am assuming correctly?) that put that in perfect Italian. I grew up with that in my household as well as french, German and English… So it was lovely for me to see someone not only writes well in a foreign language (I am a linguist) but also has a tuned in connection with the power of words and poetry. Che tu possa continuare a illuminare il mondo con il tuo dono soggezione ispiratore. Un sacco di amore e auguri!

    – Xoxo-

      Kent Halcyon ❤

    • Ciao Kent,
      Mille grazie per il complimento!
      I’m afraid I can’t take all the credit though. I use Google translator but I know enough to recognise when a translation is incorrect (well most times anyway), so I usually make amendments. I was born in Australia but my parents are Italian so I grew up hearing the language all my life but I’m afraid I don’t speak it as well as I should. I keep telling myself that I’ll learn it properly one day and maybe this is the year. I’m very impressed that you speak all those languages!
      Grazie e tanti baci.
      Norma x

  4. nice….love that you come back to the moon with each…and really nice trun in this…from the adventure to the love…well they both are an adventure you know….happy anniversary! 34 years…you are doing something right…smiles.

  5. Norma, I do not know Italian, but it really looks romantic in Italian. (Ha) There is something about the romance languages, I think. No matter what a person says it sounds romantic. Your poem does not appear corny in English, but it has a different sound (smiles). Happy anniversary!

  6. I’m Italian and Irish (and a mix of a couple of other things lol) and I have always thought Italian was the most romantic sounding language. I like your poem. “Still the moon shone” – I like that line 🙂

  7. It is definitely beautiful in Italian and has a sweet simplicity in English. I think probably most poetry is better in the language in which it was originally written, but the English is also very nice here. And the photos incredibly sweet too. Congratulations. k.

  8. Thats wonderful… Love is forever and it´s important to not give up because a marriage is not always a dance on roses but its worth a fight… Good luck in the future!!! 🙂

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