Cambodian Flower

I’m reposting this poem for Human Trafficking Awareness month. This was written in 2011 for the problem in Cambodia but it is a worldwide issue.

white lotus

©Bahman Farzad /

Falling petals brush her face,
fantasies fill time and space.
Mae’s soft kisses touch her cheeks,
a kind whisper softly speaks.
Desperation tugs and bays,
darkness fills the longest days.
Sweaty faces, frenzied hands,
sunny beaches, waves and sands.
Dirty kisses lick her neck,
torture keeps rebels in check.
Childhood dreams, childhood friends,
heavy breathing, soon it ends.
Lotuses float overhead,
how she wishes she were dead.

Copyright © 2011 Norma Martiri

Form: Couplet

(Mae = mother in Khmer)

Please help educate and empower these beautiful children by donating:

Destiny Rescue
New Hope Cambodia
She Rescue Home
Somaly Mam Foundation


12 responses to “Cambodian Flower

  1. Hi Norma,

    This is so well written, very poignant.

    I havent liked it because it fels odd to like a write such as this, but I guess the “like” really refers to the writing in which case I like it very much. 🙂

    Cheistine xx

  2. Ah – so sad. Have you seen that documentary – Half the Sky – by Nicholas Kristoff and his wife Cheryl Wu (I think that’s her name.) It is great. Very upsetting but great. It deals also with girls in Cambodia. k.

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