The Old Hag

The Nightmare by Henry Fuseli (1781)

The old hag rests upon my breast,
malevolence sent on a quest.
To claim souls in the twilight hour,
demonic beast amassing power.

My muffled pleas lost in the fray,
limbs paralysed there where I lay.
Possessing souls throughout the night,
she won’t take mine without a fight.

New valour pushes fear away,
and silently bids calm to stay.
My twitching limbs regain control,
tonight I’m keeping my own soul.

As glowing eyes glare back at me,
she sears me in her memory.
Reviling as she takes up flight,
surceasing for another night.

Copyright © October 2012 Norma Martiri

Form: Quatrain

Written for the Poeticaphobia prompt at dVerse Poets Pub

Sleep paralysis was once believed to be demonic being described as the Old Hag terrifying victims .


23 responses to “The Old Hag

  1. Wow, this was intensely vivid! Kind of scared the poop out of me (excuse my language). I always have xtremely strange dreams and then I have terrifying dreams, where no matter where I run, I find myself right back in front of this horrific creature and I can’t get away and I scream but no one can hear me or nothing comes out and I can actually feel the strain on my throat. I’ve literally thrown myself out of bed a few times and afterward I can forget sleep, because I’m terrified of being pulled back into the mightmare (yes, I said mightmare. I’m afraid if I go to sleep it might actually happen. LOL! ).
    This piece actually brought back some really vivid dream memories, I would have liked to never remember. THANKS A LOT! You describe everything in such a way that all I had to do was close my eyes and I could see it. Job well done! Thank you so much for sharing with us; praying you have wonderful, restful dreamless nights.

    • Thanks Elizena. Are you sure you’re not suffering from sleep paralysis too. It feels like a dream and I try to scream but nothing comes out. It scares me too. Thanks for stopping by 🙂

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