What Would Jesus Do (About Gay Rights)?

Flickr Image by Scarycrow

If Jesus walked the earth today
Would he hold up signs?
Or would he gladly celebrate,
Embrace the changing times?

If Jesus walked the earth today
Would he hurl abuse?
Or would he calmly tolerate,
Inspire a peaceful truce?

If Jesus walked the earth today
Would he harshly judge?
Or would he be compassionate,
Promote a proper pledge?

If Jesus walked the earth today
Would he cry in shame?
And feel bitter disappointment
For those who use His Name?

Copyright Β© 2012 Norma Marti

This is not a religious poem but my take on the issue. I am a Christian and am ashamed by how some Christians behave. They seem to have forgotten the simple teachings of Christ. Jesus never condemned anyone and accepted all in love. I often wonder how he would react if he were walking with us today.


23 responses to “What Would Jesus Do (About Gay Rights)?

  1. Norma, I’ve known what “gay” what since I was 5, so it’s natural to me. I’m also a pastor’s wife, and I’m horrified at Fundies and others who say and do hateful things in the name of Jesus. Jesus said LOVE. Love all people. Pray for your enemies – so if these pseudo-Christians want to follow Jesus, they should go home and pray their kids never come out not picket funerals and shame people. I’m proud to be the mom of a gender-queer daughter, and happy I never had to sit my folks down and apologize for being straight myself, thank you. I even posted the video to my FB page.

    • Oh Amy, what a beautiful story…you are an awesome mother!!! I agree wholeheartly with you. Simply said, everyone just needs to get over it and yes, Jesus is about LOVE and caring for one another. God bless you all ❀

  2. Love the rhetorical approach. Yes, the answer is clear in the poem — but you don’t push it on the reader — leaving it there to grasp with one simple reach.

    There’s a long history of people claiming to act in the name of that which is good to justify destructive and cruel actions. The sad part is that there is always a following — people that really hate and latch on to a movement in order to destroy and people that are confused about life and/or themselves.

    The message of the New Testament is very clear. ” Love the Lord… and Love your neighbor as yourself.’ There is no commandment greater than these.”

  3. You poem actually asks an interesting question – as far as I can tell Jesus according to the New Testament didn’t have anything to say on the subject but then he may have thought that the Old Testament pretty much covered things – who knows?. On the other hand were the prophet Mohammed to walk the Earth at the moment I think we could be fairly sure about his attitude unless he’s mellowed over the years.

  4. Lovely poem…crystal clear in letting the reader continue to ask the question and then offering suggestions based on what is known about the teachings of love. Too many horrifying human actions have been perpetrated in hate in the name of one who all acknowledge spread tenets based in love and acceptance. ….( of course atrocities claimed in the name of religion are not limited to Jesus…but that is a poem another day). Mhmmmm since as someone mentioned the Old Testament and I suppose references to homosexuality….it occurs to me that Jesus would known about homosexuality. It is a part of humanity not as new as iced cream. So perhaps we don’t have to stretch our imagination too far…he did nothing against homosexuals …. nothing…. As far the subject of today…gay “rights? Easier to imagine him marveling at the sweet taste of this new creation iced cream than leading groups devoted to hatred. Wonderful poem.

    • Hi Pearl, sorry for the late reply. Thanks so much for your thoughtful comment. You bring up some good points. I love the image in your last sentence…Jesus marvelling at the sweet taste of iced cream. Awesome πŸ™‚

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