Young Love

Photo by Walter J. Wojtanik

The lake as serene as her heart
reflects her quiet joy.
The gentle breeze caresses her dreams
as she breathes in his heady scent.
Tomorrow’s hopes quietly
ripple towards them.
The future belongs to lovers.

Copyright © September 2011 Norma Martiri

Written for Poetic Bloomings – Wishful, Young Dreamers, Prompt #20


33 responses to “Young Love

  1. Sad but romantic. Sadly romantic I guess. Not the poem itself but the beauty that it paints, when that beauty seldom is real. Nicely done though.

  2. The future belongs to lovers… all lovers. Unfortunately, 50% of the folks seated sweetly on the park bench will divorce, hopefully before tney procreate!!

    The real lovers are not the romantics, but those who embrace love for love’s sake and use it to fuel their help for others. Guess I’m a little snarky tonight! Beautiful poem, though, Norma! Amy

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