The Witching Hour

Flickr Image by ZL Reynolds

Inside the deepest, darkest night,
An eerie presence unexplained.
Abstruse dreams jolted with a fright,
My booming heart alert and strained.

A feeble light; my sole defence,
While choked screams fade in cold silence.
Malevolence seeks to devour,
Disquieted souls in this dark hour.

Copyright Β© 2011 Norma Martiri

Form: Rispetto

The rispetto is a classic Italian form composed of only eight lines in two quatrains. All lines are written in iambic tetrameter, with a rhyme scheme of abab ccdd. The distinguishing characteristic of this form is the change in rhyme scheme from alternate line rhyming in stanza one to rhyming couplets in stanza two.


52 responses to “The Witching Hour

  1. OMGoodness…. I enjoyed this very much but, I got lost in your notes about it’s form and such. I am hopeless at retaining all that info and ‘rules’ lol

  2. This is great, Norma. I had never heard of a rispetto before, but meter and rhyme come pretty easy to me. It’s late right now, but I’ll give it a try tomorrow. With my recent creepy poem, I might try lighter theme . . . angels I think.

  3. Liked the form and rhyme theme. I wanted to highlight a particular line, but they are all great. But these lines were powerful and set the mood for me:
    An eerie presence unexplained.
    Abstruse dreams jolted with a fright

    Wonderful, I felt these lines in particular.

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  5. Very eerie, reminds me of a computer game from my teenage years (Silent Hill)

    The final two lines were especially powerful and so vivid, really drew me into the poem

  6. Fascinated by the rispetto and will have to go read up on that (you actually explained it in a way that made sense to me too, which is highly appreciated). Also loved the sentiment of the words… Inspirational!

  7. I really like this, wonderful words and a well-established mood and tone. Thank you for the information on ripostos – I will have to try this out! :o)

  8. Very Nice Poetry with an amazing Imagination
    Great Work of Creativity !! Highly Expressive !!

    It was indeed enjoyable after reading this one !!

    !!! Happy Rally !!!
    Cheers !!

  9. come to think of it… I’m reading your poem at this very witching hour I suppose… at 315am!
    I could imagine myself being watched right now.. whoah! i scared myself..
    beautiful poem! ;]

  10. Two words… “I’m lost…” wow this piece is great! As I read the lines there are these pictures I seem to have in my mind. Thanks for such a wonderful piece πŸ™‚

  11. Mike Patrick suggested I read this! Love it!!! I am merely a kindergarten student in this art. You are very talented! Thank-you for sharing! I also love his poem Old Ink which was inspired, I believe, when he read this! I do most of my writing in ‘The Witching Hour’:)

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