Black and White

Photo courtesy of ©Amy O’Neil

Precious little
Chocolate cream,
Pure and sweet,
Such a treat,
Colours blent,
So complete.

Precious little
Honey top,
Bouncing bright,
Warm delight,
Flavoured right.

Precious little
Flower bud,
Our own blood,
Black and white,
Wholly loved.

Copyright © August 2011 Norma Martiri

I think children from mixed relationships are especially beautiful and I tried to capture that here.

Thank you Thursday Poets’ Rally for The Perfect Poet Award – Week 51

I nominate Where Pleasant Fountains Lie for the next award


43 responses to “Black and White

  1. this was a beautiful poem….. i myself or mixed breed…..

    Your Blog will be featured as our Review Tuesday on Jingle Poetry…
    Dont miss out being featured…..

    Have a good day.

  2. So nicely done, and with such a smiling love. My son is a lovely blend of his parents’ heritage. This is a perfect poem for that love!

  3. Poetry and ice cream are two of my favs in life so I had to read your blog. The photo is perfect picture for subject of the poem. Nice concept and unique approach. Thanks.

  4. I think you’ve captured that sentiment very well – the beauty of blends and mixtures… // Peter.

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