A Timely Manner

If I said “bless you” when you sneezed
Would you say “thank you” and be pleased?
If I held doors to let you through
Would you just smile and say “thank you”?
If I said “dinner, it’s on me”,
Would you be mad or let it be?
If I should stop to tilt my hat,
Would you laugh hard and point at that?
If I should bow to kiss your hand,
Would you be thrilled or take a stand?
Noble gestures that once nurtured,
Are outdated and perverted.
To treat a woman with respect
Is now politically incorrect.

Copyright Β© 2011 Norma Martiri

Thank you Thursday Poets Rally for the Perfect Poem Award

Β  I nominate Black Swan Poetry for the next award.


61 responses to “A Timely Manner

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  2. Chivalry is dead, or so they say. Very charming but still effective way to present a modern idea and depiction of the changed gender roles. Your rhymes are very well done.

    • Hi Peggy, my husband treats me well too. I worry about today’s society though. There’s so little respect around now.
      Thanks for reading and commenting πŸ™‚

  3. That is a splendid rhyme! It’s sadly true, that being a gentlemen or a lady is not politically correct now days.

  4. NO SHIT ! Geesh, you did well reminding me… once when I opened a car door for my date and she kicked it closed, saying β€œI can open my own door”…fine. We divorced two weeks later. [Just kidding] That is a very nice piece.
    Thank you, just another one of my treats in this Rally.

  5. Hooray for you in such beautiful words, you call back a sorrowfully forgotten institution and that is one beautiful way we can respect each other. Wow, I really enjoyed this! Cindy

  6. Ha I love it! I think there are still noble gestures around, though I think it shouldn’t just be man doing the noble acts. If I ask a man out on a date, I generally take him out, because well, I asked haha. Plus I always hold the door open, but then again, I am Canadian, we’re the world’s doorman haha. But I definitely love this poem, it’s thoughtful but lighthearted, and especially well written :). Thank you for sharing!

  7. The poem is well crafted but I have to disagree with its premise. I’m from the south and most southern women expect those gestures. It’s called good manners. πŸ™‚

    • Thanks Shana for reading and commenting. Of course there are still good manners around thank goodness, and while this poem is an exaggerated generalisation, I fear that it is dying. Thanks again πŸ™‚

  8. Things have gotten very complicated instead becoming simpler when some demand absolute equality. I share your sentiments.

  9. Very good very good. It really is one of my pet peeves when women are upset by chivalry. I was brought up to hold the door for women and other such things, and I do it for men too. It isn’t because I think they can’t do it, it is that I believe they shouldn’t have to do it. Anyways I’m rambling. Beautiful poem.

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  11. This is a lovely poem.
    Even though manners and respect have just about disappeared in society, there are STILL a few of us left who know how to treat our ladies (and everyone else) with respect and dignity…I’m from the old school and love to kiss the back of my wife’s hand and open doors for her. Whenever we’re out together, I always hold her hand. That’s just me.

    Congratulations on a well-deserved award!

  12. I lovvved this !! I adore chivalry.. its still the ‘in’ thing for me, though, I agree with the last line, that’s the way the world thinks now 😐

  13. Good manners and the courtesies that were taught to us should never be forgotten but should be passed on to the next generations…i love your poem, great rhyming words..congratulations!

  14. Greetings:

    Hope all is well.

    Noting that you have won the perfect poet award for week 58,
    what an achievement, thanks for your outstanding contribution to us
    along the way, keep up the excellence. Best!

    Come join our poetry rallyby Friday if you wish to mingle and get inspired!

    A poem of your choice or a free verse is accepted.

    Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.

    Looking forward to seeing you share.
    Respect and hugs.

    missed you a lot..

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