If I Were A Tree

Flickr Image by James Watkins

What would I do if I were a tree?
I’d regard life in the surrounds.
Mankind would live within nature’s law,
Respecting the natural compounds.

What would I do if I were a tree?
Regenerate earth’s atmospheres.
Mankind would inhale nature’s fresh breath,
Across the world’s vast hemispheres.

What would I be if I were a tree?
Majestic and free as I grew.
Mankind would be left to live and grow,
And the earth as one would renew.

What would I see if I were a tree?
I’d see beauty in life around.
Mankind would see the beauty in me,
In harmony life would abound.

Copyright © July 2011 Norma Martiri

Form: Quatrain

Published in Aamaodisha 8th Edition

Only until all of mankind lives in harmony with nature
can we trly decree ourselves to be an intelligent species.
~ Genelle Haldane


33 responses to “If I Were A Tree

  1. First, I love love love the name of your blog… two of my favorite things:) poetry and ice cream:)

    Your poem was beautiful… the picture was a gorgeous fit to the articulate words you used!


  2. Oh, how lovely! I simply adore trees and this just made my day to read such a wonderful tribute. Thank you!

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