Cambodian Flower

Flickr Image by khoaphongdieu

Falling petals brush her face,
Fantasies fill time and space.
Mae’s soft kisses touch her cheeks,
A kind whisper softly speaks.
Desperation tugs and bays,
Darkness fills the longest days.
Sweaty faces, frenzied hands,
Sunny beaches, waves and sands.
Dirty kisses lick her neck,
Torture keeps rebels in check.
Favourite ball games played with friends,
Heavy breathing, soon it ends.
Lotuses float overhead,
How she wishes she were dead.

Copyright © 2011 Norma Martiri

Form: Couplet

(Mae = mother in Khmer)

Please help educate and empower these beautiful children by donating:

Destiny Rescue
New Hope Cambodia
She Rescue Home
Somaly Mam Foundation

Watch video below


31 responses to “Cambodian Flower

  1. My internet connection is poor so I am still waiting for the video to load but wow this poem is incredible, it just reaches in and grabs your heart and doesn’t let go. I just subscribed to your blog I actually just noticed it was possible so that’s why I hadn’t sooner.

    • Aw thanks so much for your encouraging comments. I hope you get to see the video too 🙂
      I’m not sure if I’ve got the settings right but I’m glad you could subscribe. I don’t churn poems out like you do so don’t expect too many lol. Thanks for subscribing. I’m very honoured ❤

  2. I am very proud of you for standing by these beautiful children. It is wonderful to see that there are those who do. God bless the GIRL CHILD.

  3. An incredible poem on a topic of incredible importance. I have very strong opinions about any form of child abuse, and child sex trafficking is, in my book, one of the absolute worst forms there are! Who are the animals that, somehow, cause a demand for such an abomination to exist? *gaaaah* Thank you so very much for sharing such torturous beauty with us! For keeping the topic in our minds!

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  5. Stunningly sad. You have captured the innocence of the child. Also, what I am guessing are the attempts both by the child to comfort herself (I’m guessing the fantasies have to do with this), and by her mother to comfort her, whose possible role in putting the child in the horrible situation, I wonder about). You have captured the exotic and beautiful setting, and juxtaposed it in stark contrast with the ugly goings-on in the child’s life. Hard to read (emotionally), but very well done.

    Could not see your video due to a snail’s pace of an internet connection, but I think the poem alone speaks volumes in so few words.

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