Evening Walk

Flickr Image by Terry McCombs

I enjoy evening walks
when dusk greets the night.
I inhale sweet jasmine
and freshly mowed lawns
mingled with dinners’
inviting aromas.
My dog is in a frenzy
fixed on lingering scents.
I tug at her to keep moving.
Dogs bark as we pass.
I peek into neighbours’ windows
a voyeur – just a glimpse
will satisfy my curiosity.
I listen to people sounds
drifting through the cool breeze.
I envy well-kept gardens
steal a flower or two
step out of a jogger’s way
say G’day to a neighbour
and a stranger.
Our glorious summer nights
award such simple pleasures
that a treadmill could never do.

Copyright © 2009 Norma Martiri

Form: Free Verse


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